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the first person to ever tell me i had leadership potential was mr. muldoon. he was my history teacher in high school — maybe my junior year? he looked like colonel sanders with a jolly face and wide-brimmed glasses and the sweetest grandpa-like demeanor. i don’t think i got an […]

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not that kind of gala.

“stems face to the right, throw away anything you wouldn’t buy, and be done quick.” simple instructions, short sentences, impatient glares. got it. i have this new job and it’s off-the-charts glamorous. ok ok, i don’t hate it. but it isn’t my calling, at least not in this way. i […]

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500 days of [reality]

i think we all fantasize about our lives being portrayed in a movie one day, in a full-length feature film where people laugh, cry, and leave the theatre inspired to be a better human or something. and if you don’t fantasize about this, you just gotta know that i do. […]

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is anybody out there?

i used to send screenshots of my calendar to my friends with a “LOLLZ SO BUSY I COULD DIE” comment or two. i filled my every hour with meetings and coffee dates and homework and errands. it was all scheduled out, like most working adults, because there just aren’t enough […]

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every time i sit down to tell this little corner of the world what it is i love the most, i feel like i’m saying what i’ve said a million times before. and then i second-guess my choice of words, and i think that maybe people only think of the […]

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next. [from the archives]

When you graduate college, they tell you to anticipate the repeat of, “So do you have any idea what’s next?” for at least a year. At least, that’s what they told me. But several years later, I’m still hearing that question over and over. Sometimes, I even hear it in […]

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i always tell people that my favorite movie is the breakfast club. if you haven’t seen it, drop everything and watch it right. this. minute. if you have seen it, then you know i mean “favorite movie” in the sense that lucky boys is my “favorite breakfast burrito place” — […]

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